Two New Signs in Elgin

It sometimes happens that two businesses open next door to each other, offering goods or services that complement – rather than compete with – each other, benefiting both shops. For example, here in Inverell we have a classy little bookshop called The Dust Jacket. Immediately behind it is Out The Back Cafe. The combination of good coffee and good reading is irresistible, and people flow through the back door from one shop to the other, as if the two businesses were one. Farther down Byron Street, The Magic Pudding Cafe and Me & Mr Jones enjoy a similar arrangement. This type of collaboration fascinates and intrigues me.

Fancy Cafe Sign Inverell

Sign for The Magic Pudding Cafe, Byron Street, Inverell

Last October, two businesses in Elgin, Illinois approached us for dimensional signs. The shops wanted signs that were different, but complementary. It’s a little unusual for two businesses to order signs together, but the two shops obviously collaborate on more than just signage. Elgin Knit Works and The Soulful Sparrow clearly share a common vision for the appearance of the historic building in which both reside.

Here are some photos of the signs being installed by Mike Armado, of Sign-A-Rama Carpentersville, who managed the whole project as well. Thanks Mike!

Installing a sign in Elgin Illinois

Mike Hold the Sign for Elgin Knit Works in a downward pincer grip.

Installing a sign in Elgin Illinois

Hooking the eye-bolts through the quick-links.

handcrafted signs in Elgin Illinois

Both signs hanging in place, ready for an Illinois winter, and what a cold one it was!

And here’s two close-ups of the signs, to give you a better look (photography by Mike):

Elgin Knit Works Sign

The Elgin Knit Works wanted a sign reminiscent of the workings of a watch – a nod to the town’s watch-making history. The Elgin National Watch Works produced pocket watches from 1864-1964.


Sculpted Branch Detail

Long live small business collaboration!