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If a picture is worth a thousand words, what about a video? Must be worth about a million! Here in our workshop, we enjoy using a combination of traditional sign-making skills as well as experimenting with new techniques and procedures. But don’t worry, we’ll perfect any new concepts before trying them on your sign!

From time to time, we document our exploits in the form of a short video. We hope these can be a helpful resource for creative sign-makers around the world who want to try out some of these hand skills themselves. Furthermore, if you’ve bought a sign from us or are considering doing so, you may find it interesting to take a peek in our shop and see what goes on ‘behind the scenes’, so to speak.

Since we started making hand-carved signs, in 2001, we made a conscious decision to use hand- and hand-held tools, bucking the trend towards CNC technology. CNC routers and 3D printers are amazing machines, but we feel that the work they produce lacks the ‘human touch’ that can be achieved with chisels, band-saws and sandpaper. In the interest of promoting these skills, and for your enjoyment, the videos we’ve produced so far are embedded on the page below. Be sure to check back here from time to time. We’ll certainly continue to add more in the future. Even better, follow us on one or more of our social media platforms, and we’ll keep you informed about videos, events and anything else we’re up to!

8 thoughts on “Sign-Making Videos

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  4. There are various brands of HDU available. We use Sign-Foam 3, from Sign Arts Products Corp. I’m sure it’s available in the UK. It is more expensive than most other substrates but well worth it, in terms of durability and versatility.

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  6. Hello
    How do you do?
    My name is Sung Ah Youn and stay in south of korea.
    Wood sign is so great….and great…
    I’m so interesting about wood signs in your design.
    Specially, I have interesting Bible wood sign.(about Bible words, do you understand?)
    It’s so fantastic to me.
    I hope to make a something different Bible wood sign. It’ will be having great design.It’s has a saving of life. Courage, Healing, Comfort!
    I like hand made and drowing.
    I had worked wood sign company two month, It’s so short time
    but very interesting time to me.
    So,I hope learn more wood sign design.
    But I don’t know how can I do.
    Do you have teaching system?
    If you have it, how much spend the money?
    (I’m sorry,my english is so poor, and I have poor economy.)
    Please, reply for me. How can I studying?
    Thank you so much.
    God Bless your company.

    form Sung Ah Youn

  7. Hi Sung, We actually don’t teach formal sign-carving classes. The only carving classes that I know of are taught by Dimitrios Klitsas, in Massachusetts, USA (although there are surely many more, maybe even in Korea). There are also dozens of YouTube videos showing how to use chisels, paint and gild. Maybe that’s a good starting place. All the best!

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