Painting a Faux Wood Panel

I took this photo series in early July, when we were making a sign with a faux wood grain panel – one of my favourite jobs in the workshop.

Mixing Paint with a Brush

Here I’m dipping a four-inch house-painting brush into two shades of brown Dulux paint.

Applying Paint to Sign Panel with House-painting Brush

Now comes the fun! I’m slathering the paint onto a sign panel. The panel already has three coats of a darker brown, as a background colour.

Woodgraing a Sign Panel with a Wide Brush

The paint coat is far from even, but that is intentional. It doesn’t look like wood grain yet, but hang in there…

Rubbing with a Paper Towel, to make woodgrain effect

After five minutes of blowing a fan on the panel, I vigorously wipe away the paint I just applied. The areas where it was thicker come off easily, but the thinner parts have already dried, making a great weathered wood effect. Stubborn areas that are too light can be softened up by misting on water with a spray bottle. The whole procedure may have to be repeated more than once, to create the authentic wooden look.

Woodgrain Sign Panel

Here’s a detail shot of the finished panel, ready to be made into a handcrafted, dimensional sign!

The Fox and Fifer Sign

A few weeks later…the finished sign.