A Logo & Sign for Abla’s Patisserie

Ronald Abla

Ronald Abla at work (image courtesy of Sydney Morning Herald)

If you live in Sydney or Melbourne and enjoy Lebanese sweets, you’ve probably heard of Abla’s Patisserie. In 2006, Michael Abla asked us to design a logo for the sweets shop in Merrylands, Western Sydney. The shop is a large one and it needs to be, to fit the long display racks of baklava, chocolates and cakes on offer. As for the logo, Michael wanted it to somehow represent the unique gift packages which are an Abla’s specialty. The mark would also need to lend itself to neon signage.

Pencil Sketch

We explored the concept of ribbons & bow ties in our initial sketches.

Pencil Sketch

Logo Sketch

The pencil sketch that eventually became the final logo design

Although neon is a beautiful art form, our specialty at Danthonia Designs is hand-carved, dimensional signs. After some discussion with Michael over how best to brand the space, we settled on having one of our dimensional signs inside the shop, and two large neon signs on the outside for the benefit of the motorists on the busy Sherwood Road. ‘Neon is part of our culture’ he explained. At the same time, a palladium-leafed handcrafted sign would look very classy atop a shelf of gift-wrapped goodies.

Abla's Patisserie Logo

The final logo

Abla's Dimensional Sign

Abla’s Dimensional Sign

Sign Detail

Now, eight years later, Abla’s is a growing enterprise. Michael has opened two new shops in Melbourne (Preston and South Yarra). Last year two Abla’s chefs, Jack Abd El Nour and Hazim Hazim won first and second place in the Melbourne Baklava Bake-Off. This is no small distinction. In short, it’s proof that the bakery is home to the best baklava in Melbourne.

Abla's Chef Jack Abd El Nour

Abla’s Chef Jack Abd El Nour at the Baklava Bake-Off

Jack & Hazim

Jack & Hazim

The success of Abla’s surely has more to do with the quality of their products than the design of their logo. There is, however, a certain satisfaction in seeing one’s logo design rendered in giant neon letters and emblazoned on packets of delicious sweets, carted around Sydney and Melbourne and enjoyed with a cup of strong black Lebanese coffee.

Abla's Neon Sign

Abla's Patisserie

Abla’s Patisserie in Melbourne (image courtesy of Alpha)

Abla's Cake

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